Kean on Steve

Around 15 years ago, when I was banging the goals in for Reading, 39 goals in 80 games (eat your heart out Fernando), a young shy scotsman was the youth team manager. Now with hard work, dedication, coaching skills and a lot of luck he has climbed to the top of the tree. Yes, Stevie is a PL-manager drinking red wine with his fellow Glaswegian, Sir Alex of Manchester. And who can blame Kean for wanting to keep that title?

Fans, players, ex. players, politicans, everybody including me has shot him down, but we didn’t even pierce his crocodile skin.

Why did we? Because he is a novice an his record i awful.

But! Premier League survival for Blackburn’s Venky’s will somewhat count as sucess for the Premier League rookie.

Never avoiding a question or interview, some of his postmatch comments have been brilliant by always finding a positive from a disaster. I loved that, and I would loved to be a Premier League manager, but I’m not and he is. So why shouldn’t he fight tooth and needle to keep that impressive Premier League manager title? Good on ya! I’ve gone a little keen on Steve.





Keep your Lamp on

As My West Ham career was ending Frank Lampard Junior’s was beginning. Lamps looked a good young player then, but WOW the boy done good.

Chelsea the perfect fit and his England career winding down, his new young intelligent boss will probably adopt a Fergie/Giggs  like resting system to allow Franks 10 year Chelsea adventure strech to 15 years.

Althoug not a Xavi, Xavi’s not a Lampard. Is there anyone better at doing what he does?

Super intelligent, super pro, super Franks lamp keeps on shining!



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