I wasnt drunk, i was quite sober,

But today i have been falling over,

Bashing arms and cracking ribs,

Banging legs and twisting hips,

Spending time down on the floor,

Laughing, crying, falling more,

Filming our fab dance routine,

The best damn jive you’ve ever seen!

Im wondering, before i stop,

Does anybody read this blogg?

Or is it really just for me,

To do some extra work for free?

If you read it, let me know

By commenting there down below,

It doesnt take alot now does it?

So write away and make sure you check out our fabulous clip of us falling over that ive posted up on youtube. Fingers crossed it goes better tomorrow!





  • Anonymous

    I love reading yr blog! Keep writing yr thoughts

  • Anonymous

    I love reading your blog.and u r nt doing xtra work for nothing! 😉 Keep writing your thoughts! There’s a saying no pain, no gain! All d bad falls n injuries, I do hope it will pay off. We r proud of u! U r such a determine learner. I like that spirit in u! You truly deserved to win!! :)) <3

  • Good luck Ben 🙂 we always read this blogg 🙂

  • Good luck Ben 🙂 Keep on writing….we are always reading  your blog 🙂

  • Keep going Ben, we always read this Blogg:) Good luck to night:)

  • We always read this Blog, so keep going:) good luck today:)

  • Anonymous

    Keep on writing, we are reading. And good luck with the jive:)

  • poor u ben seems like you’ve had a tough day again  , your blogg is quite amusing, the things you do are obsene and the poems your write  are funny yet direct and get to the point fully  your going through the wars ,your meant to be danceing not falling on the floor, get up and practice that dance routine, your the only reason people are watching, withoiut you it would be boring, so put on your shinny danceing shoes, go throgh the routinne another time or two, without your poems id be sad and blue here in the uk we miss you  , at home you are thought of too , so go on ben get on the dance floor, have them begging you to jive more , go out there and get a top score , if this poems crap i’m really sorry  its just to let you know that i read your blogg dont worry  though your falling, remember at home you got london calling  x

  • I always read it. Please keep writing your fantastic poems, I love them. Good luck tomorrow, try not to fall on the show…

  • Oh Ben, poor you. I always read your blog. And alwaus laugh and smile. Please continue….

  • i read your blogg – always good for a laugh