• Anonymous

    Skjønner han godt at seilingen er hans liv og være en av gutta, ship og hoi Harald.

  • Anonymous

     I don`t know what planet you`re from! You talk about numbers in obama`s favor? First of all the number 7,8 is not only highly controversial but down out right wrong! The real numbers will come out soon and you will see that the number 7,8 is false and a desperate try from obama to get back into the race. I can tell you that both analyst` s on wall street and people in the congress are investigating where these numbers really came from! The majority of the American people don`t believe in these numbers and the majority of the American people don`t want obama to continue to occupy the white house and do more devastating damage to our country! And further more, the amount of money obama takes in are far less than Romney`s! Get a grip on what you`re talking about. You have clearly no idea of what you are talking about! Check your facts and stop dreaming. Get yourself some real knowledge! How on earth did they let you write articles and how on earth did they let you get to comment on American politics in the first place? Moron!

  • Sverre Olsen

    Slapp av. Anti-Jens innlegg fjernes. 

  • ole.oh

    Gode tall, kanskje økonomien endelig er på veg i riktig retning igjen. Får satse på at det holder.

  • For det første : Slutt å si jensemann , det høres bare teit ut . For det andre : Gi meg ett konkret bevis på at Stoltenberg jukser med tall.

  • Anonymous

    Juks og fanteri med tall lik som jensemannen her hjemme