another day another dancer

here is a pic of us in full swing! this is part off our michael jackson section. pretty soon after this i bust out a few splits and a moonwalk, while tone gets her rocket pack on and shoots around the room a few times. she then lands and we set off the fireworks for the final move. awesome.

skal vi synge?

so this morning was all about recording the next a1 single and im happy to report its sounding awesome! now time to head off to the dance studio to laugh, cry, get frustrated with myself and try remember all the steps! 🙂 happy days!

stavang over

so last night we were in stavanger for a concert. the crowd were amazing! just like being back at wembley arena. i lent hanne my dress for the event. mark demonstrated how rock and roll he was by showing excitement over a large box of tea, while i tried to teach christian some of my dance moves. lets just say im glad i was the a1 member chosen for the show. 😛 now back to oslo for some serious rehearsal time. 🙂


so today the helly hansen father christmas came and emptied his festive sack for me.

now im all kitted out for the dance training and looking ‘hansen’, there is no stopping us reaching the very middle an delivering ‘helly on earth’ to the other contestants………:p

early rehearsals for me then off to stavanger for a concert. 🙂




Mot i brystet, svett i pannen, støl i ben og armer!!

Hei alle danse entusiaster!

Dette er jo da min første sesong med Skal vi Danse og jeg håper at dere gleder dere like mye som jeg! For et fantastisk program! Jeg føler meg utrolig heldig som får anledning til å være en del av det.
Jeg får også muligheten til å være tilbake der det hele begynte for meg, nemlig på Det Norske Dansecenter. Her tok jeg mine første danse steg som konkurranse danser, og nå under skal vi danse får jeg muligheten til å la noen andre ta sine første danse steg her!
Og den heldig er jo ingen ringere enn Ben Adams fra A1!
De første trinnene av vår fengende cha cha cha er nå i boks, og vi gleder oss til å vise dere det ferdige produktet på premieren den 8. September!

Her er et dikt skrevet av Ben om hvordan han synes treningen til Skal vi Danse har vært så langt!

Welcome to our awesome page
Where I can’t mention tones age
Because she is a little old
But dances well! (Or so I’m told)
Rehearsings going pretty well
I’m from a boyband, can you tell?
I’m giving tone lots of tips
She’s helping me to move my hips
And swing them hard from left to right
My butt cheeks will be very tight
My body will be toned and hot
Because our tone weighs alot
I’ve put her on a diet, yes
She’s training hard and eating less
So soon she will be light as air
And maybe she should cut her hair?
But truth be told I’ve passed my peak
And im quite shit and fairly weak
My legs don’t help me move at all
My arms are strange, I often fall
My memory is short and cack
My feet, they hurt, so does my back
I sweat alot, i give up quick,
I’m grumpy and I’m often sick.
I see myself dance like my dad
But saying that it’s not all bad
We’re having fun and that is great
There’s still 2 weeks, it’s not too late
To kick some ass and scare the crowd
With moves so hot they’ll cheer so loud
The others will be crying hard
When we get 10 on the judges card
They’ll say how? And we will answer
We are awesome Skal vi danse!

Og her har vi Ben med sine fantastiske bukser!! Han ser ihvertfall komfortabel ut om ikke annet 🙂